Approach to Education : –

The EELS offers its students an educational approach that maximizes the chances of success with emphasis on English, mathematics, science, and a second language. – English is the medium of instruction – Mathematics is the prerequisite for the in-depth understanding of the natural sciences and related subjects. Syllabus The backbone of the EELS Educational System is a rigorous and sequential curriculum that meets world-class standards. Supported by time-tested methods, this curriculum emphasizes a well-balanced body of knowledge, skills, and experiences. A critical review of the curriculum is ongoing to ensure that it remains dynamic, comprehensive, and suited to the needs of a rapidly changing, global society. The syllabus for each course is specifically designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop solid academic skills. Every stage of the syllabus prepares students for the following one, ensuring that nothing essential to further learning is omitted and enabling a smooth and successful transition from one year to the next. The foundation set through the EELS syllabus helps prepare students for success in college and fosters a lifelong interest in learning.

Student Follow-up & Support : –

The progress of every student is continuously monitored through a series of regular tests. In addition to praise and encouragement, students are given the support they need. All available means are used to help those students who fall behind. Students are advised in study techniques, motivated by the academic staff, and encouraged by receiving help from teachers. At the EELS everyone is given direction to succeed. At EELS there is a great awareness of the value of time, and efficiency is defined as accomplishment per unit of time. We believe that being efficient means that more can be done in a shorter period of time, i.e. ‘smart work’ as opposed to ‘busy work’. With the support of parents and the willingness of students to work, the school will spare no effort to ensure that each and every student achieves his/her maximum potential. Students at EELS learn how to learn; a skill which accompanies them not only in the years they are in school, but throughout life. Students are guided in the proper use of their time, trained how to organize themselves, and how to develop disciplined study habits. By becoming efficient learners, students have more time to participate in other pursuits that help to satisfy their social, physical, and intellectual needs.

Homework : –

Homework is an essential part of every student’s education. Homework allows students to review and give extra reinforcement to the concepts they have learned that day in class.

Private Tuition : –

It is one of the EELS prime goals to make sure that all teaching and learning takes place in class. Parents are strongly advised not to employ a private tutor as this could be counter-productive and may undermine the methods of the school. If it is felt that extra help is needed, then parents are requested to discuss the issue with the school before taking further action.

Monthly and term exam papers : –

After such monthly exam the teacher may send the answer paper home to be signed by the parent . However if the child fails to return the paper to the teacher on the next school day the teacher will not send home any other exam papers . Monthly exam papers are important documents that must be kept in the school , On the other hand , term exam papers cannot be shown to parents it is against ministry policy

School Activities : –

School activities are part of the school curriculum . All students should take part in them However , in order for students to take part in the school activities for the school special events students must show satisfactory school conduct throughout the school year