Seniors Department

At EELS Senior department we aim to provide a broad and balanced education which not only prepares pupils for public examinations but also gives them the confidence to achieve success throughout their adult lives. We believe that education should open doors, not close them for premature specialization. Up to the age of 16 therefore, every pupil receives a rounded education in both Arts and Sciences. EELS Senior department offers an exceptionally wide range of courses which underpin the school’s curriculum whilst still allowing pupils’ programmes to be tailored to individual needs.

EELS Secondary Department is committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment based on the belief that all students can learn. Taking into consideration that students learn in different ways, our teachers and administrators provide a variety of instructional approaches to prepare all students for university education. Our students will demonstrate understanding of essential knowledge and skills and be actively involved in solving problems and producing quality work. The entire learning community will collaborate to ensure that all students master meaningful and challenging work in a balanced curriculum. Our goal is to enable students to become self-directed, independent thinkers, as well as productive citizens and lifelong learners in order to secure a successful future.