Juniors Department

At EELS Juniors department, teaching and learning is paramount Our children will leave the juniors stage with the highest possible awareness of themselves, their abilities, and their potential for future growth and contribution to society.

The Juniors department staff members are committed to student learning by :

•Demonstrating a high degree of professionalism.
•Working collaboratively as a professional learning community.
•Setting high academic and behavioral standards that are child centered and encourage life-long learning, self-sufficiency, and critical thinking.
•Building and maintaining a safe and supportive environment in which each child is able to learn.
•Integrating technology to support all areas of instruction.
•Striving for continuous improvement.
•Helping children develop into responsible citizens who value diversity and are respectful of themselves and others.
•Caring for, valuing, and empowering each and every child.
•Promoting strong school/home/community partnerships.
•Connecting with each child, not just teaching the subject.

EELS juniors department will provide students with the essential skills and knowledge that enable them to develop as individual learners intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally.

Our teachers, staff, students, and families will work together as partners to encourage a love of learning and achievement in a safe, nurturing environment where everyone respects and values themselves and others for their individuality.

Each Member of our staff will pursue professional goals ensuring that we continue to offer children the best practices in education.